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My Not So Secret Trick to Steal From Other Dropshippers

Secret Trick to Steal From Other Dropshippers

Just a short email today because I’m caught between 5 different things I need to get done: Studying for final exams, buying clothes, working on dropshipping stores, putting out content on Twitter, YouTube etc. While this email is short, it includes one of the most profitable tips I’ll ever give you. Many people say the […]

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The #1 Way You’re All Leaving Money on the Table

The #1 Way You're All Leaving Money on the Table

There are a bunch of misconceptions about making money online. I hate these myths because, at one point or another, they’ve all cost me TONS of money. Time to break a little myth… Twitter, or social media in general, is a powerful tool. 👉Yes, you need to have your own platform. 👉Yes, Twitter could shut […]

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The Sad State of Today’s Youth

The Sad State of Today’s Youth

Today was my last day of school. I’ve still got some final exams to sit, but I’m basically done now. As you can imagine, there were a bunch of shenanigans going on today. Dressing up, water balloons, and drawing dicks on the faces of younger students. Good times, good times. There was one thing that […]

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The Reason Why I Don’t Work With Free Traffic

Free Traffic

I was recently asked on Twitter whether I had any tips for increasing traffic. Well, I don’t because I no longer care about traffic. Don’t get me wrong, I used to. But not anymore. You see, traffic doesn’t matter much when you’re doing paid advertising. What matters are ROI, sales and conversion rates. If I […]

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I Spent $100 on Facebook Ads: Here’s What I Learned

Facebook ads lessons

As regular readers know, I’m currently building a new dropshipping store. Going against most of my own advice: I’m jumping straight into FB ads (no IG shoutouts), doing a general store (not a niche store) and I’m using a new method for testing FB ads (more on this later in the email). So far, I’ve […]

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Mondays for Dropshippers are Like Sundays

Mondays are like Sundays

Most people dread Monday mornings. Are you one of them? You know who doesn’t hate Monday’s? Anybody running a dropshipping store. When you run your own stores, every day is a Monday. That may sound horrible to you, but not to a dropshipper. Because here’s the thing: Mondays don’t need to be painfully dull. For […]

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How I Built an Online Business in Just 2 Hours per Day

building an online business in just 2 hours per day

In today’s email, you’re going to learn my secret to being extremely productive. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with my morning routine, cold showers or my daily mantra… What I’m talking about is far more effective than any of those tactics. It is the sole reason why I’m able to run 10+ […]

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The Main Reasons Why You Should Have A Personal Brand

reasons to have a personal brand

Want to build a personal brand but you’re unsure if it’s the right thing for you? Want to know why you should build one? In this article, that’s exactly what you’re gonna learn. But before we tackle the reasons why one should have a personal brand, let’s first discuss how to build a personal brand. […]

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How To Optimize Facebook Ads Campaigns For Ecommerce

optimizing facebook ad campaigns for ecommerce

When optimizing your ads, there are a lot of things you need to understand and look out for. If you want to profitably run your campaigns, you must understand what FB is trying to say. One way of doing this is by knowing what metrics to look at… and in this article, you’ll know exactly […]

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Building A Personal Brand On Twitter

building a personal brand on twitter

In this long article, you will learn how one person can earn thousands of dollars by building a personal brand on Twitter. You will learn how to do Personal Branding right from the founder of Start Selling Stuff himself, James Holt… and the best part? You can immediately apply the lessons you’ll learn here in […]

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