My Not So Secret Trick to Steal From Other Dropshippers - Start Selling Stuff

My Not So Secret Trick to Steal From Other Dropshippers

steal from other dropshippers

Just a short email today because I’m caught between 5 different things I need to get done:

Studying for final exams, buying clothes, working on dropshipping stores, putting out content on Twitter, YouTube etc.

While this email is short, it includes one of the most profitable tips I’ll ever give you.

Many people say the problem with dropshipping is the lack of barriers to entry.

And it’s true: Anybody could start a store and sell the same products as me.

That limits the profits you can make from dropshipping. Luckily for us, most people are too lazy to do any real work.

They’re too lazy to research the market & they’re too lazy to learn copywriting (my pal Nate is coming out with a copywriting course specifically for dropshippers soon).

Luckily, most people are also too lazy to research what products are selling well.

For example, I’ve got a store in a smallish niche that has been selling the exact same product for over 8 months now.

I’m running ads for it every single day. You’d think other dropshippers in the niche (of which there are a few) would be jumping all over this.

But they aren’t.

In fact, I haven’t seen any other store sell this product. That’s just plain laziness folks.

And I’m not even doing anything sneaky to hide my products, It’s completely out in the open for anyone to see if they’re just willing to look.

I’ve found that most other dropshippers also don’t hide their successful products. You can take advantage of that.

So if you aren’t lazy and want to take advantage of the work other people have done, watch this 👇YouTube video where I show you how to find people that are selling the same product as you.

You can look at their sales page, product copy, related products and if you have Intelligynce, you might even find other highly profitable products too.

Don’t be lazy.

But don’t do unnecessary work either: If you can profit from the research and testing others have done, you should take advantage.

Anyway, that’s all for today.

I’m about to head out to play a football game in the heat.

I’ll be exhausted when I come back, but that won’t stop me from working on my dropshipping stores…

See you tomorrow,
James Holt

P.S. I’ve got a ton of valuable content on YouTube for anyone interested in learning dropshipping.

I’d highly recommend watching all the videos on this playlist if you currently can’t afford my course (or don’t want to spend big money on a course which I totally understand).

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