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Does Dropshipping Still Work in 2019?

does dropshipping still work in 2019

Dropshipping is a business model or a fulfillment method where the business owner (the dropshipper) does NOT need inventory, warehouses or logistics processes. In other words, the product development and order fulfillment is out of the business owner’s hands.

All these things are outsourced.

You literally don’t have to do anything about them.

As a dropshipper all you need to do is pick a niche, find the best products in that niche and market those products – and that’s it. Plus, you don’t even have to pay large sums of money to start.

So, is it doable? Definitely.

Can this business model still work in 2019?  YES, indeed.

So why are there so many questions about dropshipping and if it still works? Let’s find out.

Why Does Dropshipping Still Work?

Well, if we’re being totally honest here, not all dropshipping businesses work – like all other kinds of businesses.

This question is similar to asking, “Does X business still work?”. When you look at it from a real business perspective, you know that 9 out of 10 businesses fail. So it’s not a shocking statement that some dropshippers fail.

However, unlike every other business, dropshipping has a very low barrier to entry. And for that reason, so many people have been doing this already, from beginners to experts (in online biz).

Competition gets bigger and bigger each day, but don’t worry… if you have the right information and guidance, you can succeed with dropshipping.

This means, expert or not, you can still succeed.

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Now the real question we need to answer is… who can make dropshipping work?

Keep reading to know the answer.

How To Make Dropshipping Work

Dropshipping is not as easy as it sounds and appears to be. Sure, the process (what everyone wants you to see) is simple, short and sexy, but the back-end? It’s not.

Successful dropshippers – those earning thousands of dollars a day – are successful because they have already acquired the necessary skills, the mindset, and the vision. If you’re a beginner and you want to succeed in your first venture, you need to learn some of these things first before you can truly be a success with dropshipping.

“Entrepreneurs who plan and execute well, after market research and analysis, are gonna succeed – no doubt.”

The Necessary Skills Every Dropshipper Needs To Be Successful


If you are an expert in a specific niche, you can easily build an audience around your dropshipping store because you knowledge or value you can provide to them.

For example, you’re an expert with men’s watches (like you literally know everything about it), then you could provide advice and valuable information to your audience – through blogs, Youtube videos, etc. (or not if you’re just starting out)

Anyway, if you’re doing that, and you’ve built enough trust and credibility on your audience, you could sell watch-related products easily.

If you can build a brand around your store, then it is guaranteed you’ll be able to survive and sustain a dropshipping business – even with millions of competitors. With a brand, you can literally repel any wannabes who want to be in your niche.

Paid traffic

There are a lot of paid traffic platforms out there but what’s currently hot with this type of advertising are these 3:

Facebook Ads (Facebook)

Facebook covers an ULTRA wide range of users ranging from 2 billion to 3 billion people. But that’s not the best part… you can laser target people based on their interests, age, gender (and more) as well. That’s why Facebook Ads are very popular these days.

Instagram Shoutouts (Instagram)

Instagram shoutouts are another popular way to advertise, maybe even the most popular advertising method for dropshipping. The reason why is because running shoutouts is cheaper (and easier to learn) compared to Facebook Ads.

Google Adwords (Google)

Google Adwords isn’t as cheap compared to Facebook Ads and Instagram Shoutouts – and they have every right to cost more too! People who search in Google already have high buying intent. So if people see you on page 1 in Google, then you’re most likely going to have a sale. That’s worth the pay for me (especially on high-ticket items).

That’s it.

So why are these 3 the hottest ways at the moment?

The reason behind this is simple. These 3 platforms are low-cost and effective advertising.

The only thing that’s stopping most people from doing this? The knowledge.

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This part here is really important. Without this skill, your business is unlikely to thrive. Let’s learn why…

Copywriting is persuasive writing. It’s writing in a way that the person reading it (your customer) is going to take action (i.e. buy, opt-in, etc.).  In other words, copywriting is sales in the written word.

So why is this important? Simple.

If no one buys your products/services, what’s the point of your business? You

“Sales is the backbone of every business”

Market Research

While this may not seem to be a skill, market research is highly important. Dropshipping works better as a means to an end, not the end itself.

This is how you know the type of people you’d sell to. This is the basis for everything above… branding, copywriting, paid traffic – all of them.


Say you’re selling gold bracelets.

In your research, you can see that all your potential customers are women, so…

For branding – you brand yourself as “a high-class woman’s store for golden bracelets”. You can have black as your background, gold for your texts – stuff like that.

For paid traffic – your targeting should be…

  • Females
  • Age is between 18-34
  • She thinks of herself as “classy”
  • Likes bracelets
  • She also likes gold
  • Who lives in (a place where bracelets are a thing)

And stuff like that.

For copywriting – in your copy, you use the language of your market which is the language of women who likes bracelets – “Ugh”, “OMG”, “🤷‍♀️”, “😍”, etc.

That could be hit-or-miss, but in online biz, you’re always testing (unless someone already did that for you which, most of the time, someone really did… so leverage that person’s info by researching).

If you think you have these skills, then by all means, test a few products you think would sell and see how it goes – or learn everything you need to know about dropshipping by joining my email list here.

And that’s it.


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