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How To Find The Best Products To Dropship

how to find the best products to dropship

Do you want to start a dropshipping store and you’re currently looking for the best products to dropship?

If so, this article will change your life.

I will show you exactly how you’re going to do that — and more.

But before we continue . . .

For you to start finding what product you should dropship, you must first choose a niche and know why it’s crucial to succeed in your first, second or even third store.

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To start off, here’s a “step-by-step” process to look for products to dropship:

👉 Go to Aliexpress or or Etsy or to whatever supplier you want
👉 Search for the broadest keywords in your niche
👉 Filter by <orders> and you’ll see the “in-demand” products at the top
👉 Start choosing. . .

“Wait, is that it?”


Here’s why:

Those products you’ll see on the top? They don’t work.

You want to have the best products—that you can profit on—so find ones that most dropshippers aren’t already selling or burning out.

Remember the fidget spinner?

It only lasted for a few weeks . . . why?

Because it was done to death by every dropshipper and in a matter of weeks…

Everyone has them.

You want to find a product that you can sell long-term (high lifetime value products).

Here are a few of the things you must keep in mind to find products that sell:

💎 The 2 Types Of Products in every store
💎 The Criteria For Choosing Profitable Products To Dropship
💎 How To Find The Perfect Products On Aliexpress

I’ll also show you:

💎 What Products Work Well For Your Competitors—And  How You Can Steal It 💎

as a BONUS section down below

So first . . .

The 2 Types of Products

Categorize the products you sell into 2 groups.

The first one is the Front-end offers.

These are the products—the best-selling ones—that you’re going to be advertising either through Facebook Ads or Instagram.

And the other one?

Complimentary products.

These are other products in your store that you’re selling, but aren’t necessarily driving traffic to.

These products are meant for organic visitors or people who bought the front-end offers and are interested in buying them as well (upsells).

But remember, it’s very important that you focus on your front-end offers first.

Why? Because even with the best complimentary products no one will see them and because the products you’re going to advertise are the front-end products. . .

And if you can convert on the product you’re advertising, then chances are you’re also going to sell some other stuff, that really just happens naturally.

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Criteria for Choosing Profitable Products to Dropship

In this section, you will learn the most important criteria you need to pick the right products. (so you won’t waste money for testing)

Let’s start . . .

Find Products That Costs Less Than $3 On Aliexpress.

Once you know your niche and found the products you can sell on that niche, then it’s time for you to narrow down the search for products that cost $3 or less.

This is a super effective option for beginners because you can sell them easily.

You’d rather buy a $9.95 product than a $30 product, won’t you?

This is because high ticket products need bigger commitments from your customers than low ticket ones.

What’s more . . .

When you sell your products through Facebook Ads and you don’t have enough data for it to optimize on your potential customers, then you’ll simply be throwing money away.

Don’t do this.

Wanna know the best part about selling low ticket products?

They can—and will—give you good margins especially if you’re doing “Free + shipping” offers (my #1 money-maker).

Because even though it’s a very simple tactic and a lot of people say they are overused (because they are) . . .


The Product Doesn’t Have Too Many Orders (Under 1k).

As I said before, don’t choose the popular products (product with a lot of orders: 1k up).

“Why was it again?”

Because those products have probably been done to death by other dropshippers already.

Don’t waste your money and time testing products people already have (1-time-buy products).

The products you’ll see on top of the page on Aliexpress?

They just don’t work anymore—everyone has seen it and has bought it already—find something else.

Don’t be afraid to scroll through a few pages and pick products from further back . . .

Trust me, there are gems hidden there.

In fact, some of the best products I’ve sold were under 1k orders.

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High-quality Images

People love good-looking images, but that isn’t the main concern when choosing a product.

The image must not have any texts or logos that can’t be removed easily.

You wouldn’t want another company’s brand logo on your store, would you?

If you can’t remove it, you probably shouldn’t use it.

…Unless you’re patient enough to order the product yourself, wait for a few weeks, then take your own high-quality pictures of it.

Solid Customer Reviews

Solid customer reviews are absolutely essential.

If you found a product with great customer reviews, it means that people love the product and that IT SELLS.

You can effortlessly sell this product—especially when someone famous has it—and people will leave happy when they buy it.


Because of social proof.

This is the reason why people buy a product when they see the people they admire—or even just their friends—have the exact same product.

If you leverage on this idea (e.g. using Instagram influencers), reaching thousands of buyers will be inevitable.

I’ve done this a lot of times and it works.

Now, all these criteria are crucial if you want to find a good product . . .

But what’s the next step?

Using these criteria to find products on Aliexpress . . .

How To Find The Perfect Products On Aliexpress

Like what I said above, here’s what you can do:

👉 Go to Aliexpress or or Etsy or whatever
👉 Search for the broadest keywords in your niche
👉 Filter by <<orders>> and you’ll see the “in-demand” products at the top

But what next?

Honestly, just scroll through multiple pages of products.

Don’t be lazy enough not to go off the first page.

You’ll find hidden gems that every other dropshipper will never find.

YES . . . it’s that easy to get ahead in life, just put in 50% more effort.

If you know your niche, you’ll identify those hidden gems, even if they don’t have a lot of orders in Aliexpress.

Simply put, if you give in more effort finding good products than your competition, you will get a lot out of it . . . it’s really that easy.

But did you know that there’s another—easier—way to find a winning product?

If you’re lazy and don’t want to go through all the hassles to find a good product in Aliexpress . . .

Here’s what you can do:

Simple . . . steal your competitor’s best sellers!

Bonus Section: Stealing Your Competitor’s Best Sellers

There’s a tool called “Intelligynce”.

It’s a one-time payment of $197 and it is so worth it . . .

It allows you to look up the best sellers of any Shopify store.

Here’s how it works:

You go to your competitor’s store.

You click on the button . . .

Then it shows you the top 5 best-selling products.

It’s a really good tool, I recommend you use it.

I’ve tested it and it really does work.

Disclaimer: It doesn’t really tell you the exact sales, it just shows you the best-selling products in that store (so pick the BIG stores).

“But how do I find my competitors?”

👉 Like Instagram and Facebook pages in your niche.

What’s more:

👉 You’ll see more ads
👉 You’ll see more posts and;
👉 You’ll see what products are working for them


If someone keeps promoting something and they’re paying money to promote it, it’s working.

So when you see ads on your Facebook feed, always keep a look out for engagement: shares, likes, views, comments and all of that.

If it’s a lot (say hundreds of thousands), then it is converting.

Trust me.

They won’t keep spending if it’s not working.

I mean, would you?

So that’s about it . . .

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