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The Mindset That is Holding You Back from Online Biz Success

mindset that holds you back from online biz success

Many of you are perfectionists. It’s not your fault…Society has raised us all to be perfectionists. Perfectionism is rewarded in schools. At my school, we were never put under enough time pressure where students who could produce good (but not perfect) results quickly were rewarded. Even at tests, we always had plenty time. All that […]

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The #1 Way You’re All Leaving Money on the Table

leaving money on the table

There are a bunch of misconceptions about making money online. I hate these myths because, at one point or another, they’ve all cost me TONS of money. Time to break a little myth… Twitter, or social media in general, is a powerful tool. 👉Yes, you need to have your own platform. 👉Yes, Twitter could shut […]

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Rejected From Upwork? 7 Alternatives You Can Use And Do

upwork alternatives

Upwork is denying new freelance copywriters access to their platform recently. As a result? New freelancers have been having a hard time finding clients. If you’re a new freelancer who wants to find clients but don’t know where to go… You came to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn the X alternatives you […]

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How To Make $300 A Day Online

how to make $300 a day online

A few weeks back, I’ve written a blog post about how to earn $100 a day. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do before you continue reading this blog post – they’re highly connected. As mentioned, we talked about 3 simple ways to start making money online: Freelancing, Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing […]

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How to Make $100/day Online as a Beginner

making money as a beginner

Want to start an online business that could make you at least $100 a day – even without having to hire employees, create products or build systems? Let me show you 3 ways. To earn $100 a day, you only need to have 2 things – an internet connection and a phone/laptop – and if […]

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How To Make Money As A Beginner Freelance Copywriter

how to make money as a beginner copywriter

Do you want to know how you can earn $100 a day – or $3000 a month – as a freelance copywriter? If that’s a yes, then you’re in luck. In this article, I’ll show you… Why being a freelance copywriter is a good way to start making money online – and why it’s not. […]

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The 4 Best Ecommerce Website Builder for Beginners – Handpicked

best website builder for beginners

Do you want to sell a product online? Are you looking for a website builder that’s quick, easy and reliable? Look no further! While there are tons of website builders out there, in this article, we’ll only cover 4. We’ve hand-picked and narrowed down your choices to only the BEST ecommerce website builders. So, you […]

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The Biggest Facebook Updates Every Dropshipper Must Know About

How are your Facebook Ads going so far? Did your ROAS take a hit due to the recent updates? What about the other metrics like CPM, CTR, CPC, ATC, etc.? Have they taken a big hit too? If yes, then this article will clear your thoughts about it. In this article, you will know about […]

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3 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online as a Broke Teenager

making money online as a broke teenager

Are you a broke teenager looking for money? If you are, then this is your lucky day! Your search is finally over because in this article, I will show you the 3 easiest ways you can follow to make money online as a beginner, even if you’re broke! The best part? They are absolutely FREE! […]

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The Most Reliable Way to Make 6-Figures Online

reliable ways to make money online

I recently had a Tweet go semi-viral on Twitter. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is: 7 Valuable Skills You Can Learn Online in 6 Months 1. Copywriting2. Email marketing3. FB / Google ads4. Social media growth5. Conversion rate optimization6. Phone sales7. Funnel development Pick one, study it for 3 months and […]

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