3 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online as a Broke Teenager - Start Selling Stuff

3 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online as a Broke Teenager

making money online as a broke teenager

Are you a broke teenager looking for money?

If you are, then this is your lucky day!

Your search is finally over because in this article, I will show you the 3 easiest ways you can follow to make money online as a beginner, even if you’re broke!

The best part? They are absolutely FREE!

All it requires is hard work and the willingness to learn . . . (you know, other people would stop reading after that sentence—But not you, because you know better, you know that you’re going to be successful one day—and that’s why you’re still here!)

Let’s get started…


This is the number one absolute easiest way to make money online.

You can go to freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr— a place where you can find people just like you, who have a skill like copywriting, graphic design, writing, proofreading or whatever.

These are all easy skills you can do online and sell.

The catch?

You won’t become rich doing this.

Freelancing is just the digital equivalent to manual labor, but it sure as hell makes you money . . .

and the best part is that it’s guaranteed money—no investment cost needed—which is why it’s such a great way to get started!

All in all, freelancing is a great way to get started and also a good way to acquire some startup capital for other businesses later on.

Want a free strategy?

If you get really good at this, you can try experimenting with outsourcing the work where you have a team of employees who complete the work for you and you find the clients.

You’re like the middleman, you get paid by:

1. Giving other freelancers work and by
2. Finding your clients a worker.

Niche Sites

The next way to make money—this is what I did, and still do to this day—is niche sites.

I’m talking specifically about affiliate marketing where you sell somebody else’s product for a percentage of the price and I recommend you do this by getting free traffic from Google (so you’re going to learn Search Engine Optimization or SEO).

In a nutshell, you will learn how to write a blog post, specifically reviews of products, that rank in Google.

Why this is important?

Because if you rank in Google, you consistently get free traffic from that and if you write a good review—people will simply buy your product because they’re already interested in it.

Nobody searches in Google for product reviews if they’re not already interested in the product, right?

lot of people think niche sites are dead and I completely disagree.

This is not just some stupid opinion, I have made a decent amount of money with niche sites and I highly recommend the tactic.

If you want to make a decent amount of cash, you definitely must do this too.

The key to getting started with nice sites?

By not focusing on mainstream niches!

I doubt you can make much money selling kitchen appliances or selling football boots . . . there’s just too much competition already.

So what can you do?

Go for taboo niches—dating (courses, platforms, etc.), sex (anything related to it… yes, even sex toys),  supplements(I’m not talking about whey protein or creatine…), etc.—this works amazingly well and then you sell them, you make good money!


There are 2 types of Youtube marketing that I recommend:

1.Affiliate Marketing

Basically what you’re doing is taking your niche site and throwing that up on Youtube.

Instead of doing product reviews on a blog or on a WordPress site, you’re now doing it through Youtube videos.

There’s a tremendous advantage for this, and here it is:

Youtube is a powerful platform with a big search engine that ranks quite well in Google.

So when people search for product reviews, instead of clicking on any site and reading long and boring reviews, they may click on your video.

(You could also throw in an extra Youtube video into the page as this helps you to rank better for your niche site).

If you’re going to go down the affiliate marketing niche site route, definitely consider Youtube as an alternative or ideally as an extra source of income and traffic which stands more or less on its own.

2.Build an Audience

You can do this creating videos that people want to watch. You can either provide value or perhaps by be entertaining on topics that people are interested in.

Titles are also very important

There’s a reason why the title of this article is the 3 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online as a Broke Teenager, that was not some random combination of words . . .

Titles must be enticing enough that it would make people click.

Thumbnails work similarly, so never shy away from clickbait.

It’s a great way to get people in and by providing value (quality content) inside, you’re actually giving your audience a favor!

Before you start, think about your niche first.

Think about it before putting in all the work to build an audience . . .
otherwise you might end up with an audience and nothing to sell.

When you’ve built enough of an audience, what you then want to do is sell either affiliate offers or create your own product and promote them to the people on your channel.

So . . .

Those are the three ways to get started making money online.

I have dabbled in all of these, though most of my money has been made with niche sites, but that’s just me personally. It doesn’t mean that this is the only place for you to have the most success too.

I will say this . . .

Regardless of what you do, the most important skill you will have is selling which means you need to learn copywriting!

You need to have a basic understanding of marketing and how sales work, read a few books on sales—like Zig Ziglar’s books or you can read Influence or CA$HVERTISING —there’s a ton of great books about it.

Google them.

Pick one.

Read it.

Then apply it.

Then keep reading a few copywriting books until you get the hang of it and once you’re done with that, you should be able to come up with cool headlines (like this one) and create a compelling pitch by yourself.

So sell a product, sell an idea, and sell yourself.

Because if you can, your chances of succeeding in any online businesses are very high.