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Spilling the Secrets of “Make Money Online Gurus”

secrets of online gurus

Continuing on the personal branding theme from yesterday’s email. As promised, I’m going to talk about monetization today. This is partly a mindset issue in my opinion: People get too caught up in providing free value for years in my opinion. Part of the reason is old-school advice from guys like Mike Cernovich. Giving away […]

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Dropshipping is Like a Cat with 9 Lives

dropshipping is like a cat

Dropshipping is dead! It’s over. Marketing guru XYZ said it, so it must be true. I’m a little unsure about how to deal with this to be honest… Is someone coming to take my stores away? Will I still be able to use the money I made in the past or will my card be […]

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The Most Profitable Discovery of My Life

most profitable discovery

Story time… What I want to write about today, is how I discovered the world of online business. While we take it for granted now, making money on a computer is kind of a weird idea really. Most people walking around your city aren’t aware just how easily you can make a living with various […]

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Why You Should Go on Your Own and……..

why you should go on your own

…do dropshipping yourself. After all, you’re ready for it aren’t you? What’s so hard about it? Get a shopify store, list a product from aliexpress, pay for traffic, and let the flow of money go straight to your pocket. All of you on my email list probably know this. In fact, I’m pretty confident all […]

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What About Other ad Platforms Outside Facebook Ads

platforms outside Facebook ads

Received a great question today from one of my followers on Twitter. (Go ask all your questions on Twitter – I answer every single one, but please make it a public message, not a DM so everyone can profit) Basically, he wants to know whether I solely use Facebook Ads for my dropshipping stores. Simple […]

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My Not So Secret Trick to Steal From Other Dropshippers

steal from other dropshippers

Just a short email today because I’m caught between 5 different things I need to get done: Studying for final exams, buying clothes, working on dropshipping stores, putting out content on Twitter, YouTube etc. While this email is short, it includes one of the most profitable tips I’ll ever give you. Many people say the […]

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The #1 Way You’re All Leaving Money on the Table

leaving money on the table

There are a bunch of misconceptions about making money online. I hate these myths because, at one point or another, they’ve all cost me TONS of money. Time to break a little myth… Twitter, or social media in general, is a powerful tool. 👉Yes, you need to have your own platform. 👉Yes, Twitter could shut […]

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