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The Mindset That is Holding You Back from Online Biz Success

mindset that holds you back from online biz success

Many of you are perfectionists. It’s not your fault…Society has raised us all to be perfectionists. Perfectionism is rewarded in schools. At my school, we were never put under enough time pressure where students who could produce good (but not perfect) results quickly were rewarded. Even at tests, we always had plenty time. All that […]

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Inside the Mind of a 6-Figure Online Marketer

online marketer's mind

Guess who’s back on YouTube? I know it’s only been a month or so since I stopped making videos. But for some reason, the inspiration has struck. Knowing myself, this could very well be a fleeting emotion. No sooner do I decide to double down on making videos…then I have a new idea that is […]

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Can you Trust a Filipino VA

Filipino VA

We’ve got a cool little Mastermind of smart businessmen on Twitter. (No, you can’t join – sorry) Yesterday, the topic of hiring VAs (virtual assistants) came up. Specifically, a guy asks where he can find a VA that he can trust enough to give access to his computer and handle stuff for him. His situation […]

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My System for Picking Memorable Domains

system for picking domains

It’s an addiction… If you get into online business, you’re at serious risk. I’ve experienced it first-hand & others have spoken about this too. Compulsive-domain-name-buying-syndrome. I run around a dozen sites right now. Each of them has its own domain obviously. Plus, I’ve got a handful (multiple handfuls, actually) of domains I’ve picked up throughout […]

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Writing an Email a Day for Fun and Profit

writing emails daily

As you all know, I write an email about online business / marketing every single day. It’s a trend popularized by Ben Settle and all those who follow his advice. I’ve seen firsthand how effective it can be for building a strong bond with your audience. I’ve only been doing it for a little over […]

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