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The Biggest Facebook Updates Every Dropshipper Must Know About

How are your Facebook Ads going so far?

Did your ROAS take a hit due to the recent updates?

What about the other metrics like CPM, CTR, CPC, ATC, etc.?

Have they taken a big hit too?

If yes, then this article will clear your thoughts about it.

In this article, you will know about very important things that every dropshipper must know . . .

You will learn:

😨 Why Facebook’s Permanently Banning A Lot of Accounts Doing Dropshipping – And How You Can Escape the Same Fate

😲 How This Mid-Year Update Will Affect the Way You Target People and Make Ads

🤔 X Things You Need to Know That Can Make or Break Your Ad’s Effectivity (relevancy score)

Nobody’s really talking about this.

So I will.

Let us begin.

Is Facebook Having A Purge?

If you’re part of any eCommerce, Facebook Ads or sales funnels groups, you must have seen at least 3-5 people saying that their ad account has been banned.

If you’ve experienced this yourself, you probably know that it’s rare to get them back – even with a Facebook rep.

It’s highly unlikely they’ll give you an explanation either.

Now here’s the scary part . . .

Recently, Facebook has been banning more ad accounts than ever, or worse . . . the business managers themselves!

People have been saying: “Facebook has been very inconsistent with how they ban us”.

That’s not actually the whole truth.

There are PLENTY of reasons why Facebook is doing this to you.

Almost all of them can be found at Facebook’s Ads Policies and Term of Use.

But that doesn’t answer the question.

“Why are they banning more accounts than usual?”

It’s simply because of Facebook’s efforts to improve the platform.

Recently, Facebook has been focusing on the security for users and transparency from the pages they follow or are shown to.

Here’s what they said:

Today we removed multiple Pages, groups and accounts for coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook and Instagram.

They used similar tactics by creating networks of accounts to mislead others about who they were and what they were doing. 

We’ve investigated some of these campaigns for many months and we will continue working to find out more.

We’ll update this post with more details when we have them, or if the facts change.

We ban this kind of behavior because we want people to be able to trust the connections they make on Facebook.”

In other words, Facebook is trying to get their user’s experiences to become better.

So they prioritize them a lot more than the advertisers (as they should).


Because advertisers need to have the attention of an audience and Facebook has that attention.

Great user experience = loyalty and retention.

A good user experience on the platform = more visits from loyal users = more monetization opportunity for both the platform provider and advertiser.

If Facebook loses that attention, advertisers will find other platforms.

What Facebook’s Mid-Year Updates Means To You

Recently, Facebook just shut down partner categories.

The product that enabled third-party data providers to offer their targeting directly on Facebook.

You can no longer use the information obtained from third-party data companies to target user through Facebook ads.

Facebook believes that this action, going over the next six months, will help improve the user’s privacy on Facebook.

But as a dropshipper and an advertiser this means it’s gonna be harder to target a more exclusive audience.

No More Behavior Targeting

This used  to be one of the most important targeting options—aside from lookalikes—to use for customers found  in the US.


Because these third-party data providers focused solely in the US market.

This makes them the #1 go-to data providers for US but now they’re gone.

If you’re discouraged about this news, then you should stop using Facebook Ads.

You should just hire Facebook Ads specialist to do advertising for you.

But if you’re low on budget and you can’t pay for these specialists, there’s something else you can do.

Make better ads.

There’s a really cool update Facebook did for you to do so.

Let’s begin.

Things You Should Know When Making Ads

People are SICK and TIRED of seeing your ads.

You heard that right.

They are tired of seeing the same-looking ads, every single day from thousands of dropshippers copying the same ad format from each other.

They don’t know create an ad that’s different.

This means your customers are vulnerable of your ads already.

The worst part?

A lot of people are doing Facebook Ads now as well (even the ones who are not good at it).

There are more people who suck at targeting, ad creation and etc.

The effect? Higher CPM, more people hating ads and Facebook’s inconsistent purging.

But need not worry.

You can make better creatives with Facebook’s new tool.

Plus I will tell you 1 secret way—later—to know if your ads are doing good or not.

Facebook’s New In-App Tool

Are you frustrated with editing your ad using multiple tools or apps?

If yes then you will be thrilled to know the newest creative tools made available to you by Facebook.

The ads manager mobile app now lets users edit their photos in-app.

This includes cropping, utilizing templates, color filters, and even adding shapes, stickers and logos!

The best part?

There’s a text overlay tool that allows you to add text to your images while at the same time, making

sure that it doesn’t violate Facebook’s 20% rule.

If you use the Ads Manager mobile app, you will speed up your process of making creatives significantly.

You won’t need to use external apps any longer.

You don’t even need to pay for creatives—unless necessary—anymore.

But of course, making ads isn’t the only thing you have to do for people to buy from you.

You also need to find better products and do the back-end activities well (more on that later.)

The next thing you will know in this article is crucial, so keep reading.

What You Should Do with Your CAs and LLAs

How’s your lookalikes doing?

What about your retargeting or evergreen ads?

Are they still performing as good as before?

If not, you must do something about it.

It’s not exact science but you have to rebuild your CA’s and LLA’s to get them to perform.

Facebook is holding you back because of previous data that is now excluded.

Better safe than sorry for wasting money, right?

If you want to know about the lessons I learned from spending thousands on Facebook Ads—so you don’t waste your money doing things the wrong way—then sign up to my email list.

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1 Thing That Can Make or Break Your Ad’s Effectivity—And What You Can Do About It

Since you’ve made it this far, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

This is something most advertisers won’t bother touching but it’s actually really easy to do.

This is one of the MAIN reasons why your Ad dies off.

As discussed before, Facebook cares deeply about the user’s experience.

Thins simple thing relates very well with that.

Here it is . . .

X-out rate

Facebook likes to ban ad accounts with a lot of negative user feedback.

When you launch campaigns, check your page post IDs in your first 500-5000 impressions.


If you check out the page post of a random ad, you will see the number of people you have reached.

You click that area and you’ll see the Performance for Your Post.

You will see the number of people who:

  1. Hid your ad
  2. Reported it as spam
  3. Hid all your posts
  4. Unliked your page

If that happens within the first 500-5000 impressions, that’s not really a positive signal on the ad level.

So if you see these things on your ads, here’s what you should do:

  1. Delete your page post ID or your Ad
  2. Reupload it again

But don’t stop here.

Always keep checking your X-outs.

First of all, your CPMs will rise.

Then your ad will get flanked.

You’ll increase the chance that your ad will go to manual review.

And eventually?

You’ll lose your ad account, fan page or both . . . or your business manager.

So always check this out, especially when you’re scaling.

I know some people whose ad accounts were banned, even after spending millions of dollars in it.

Closing Statement

We all know the problems the Facebook’s CEO, Mark Z., is facing right now.

The concerns over privacy and election rigging is just one of them.

But we need not worry.

This is not the reason why Facebook’s going crazy with the updates.

It’s actually quite the opposite.

Facebook’s growing fast.

These updates are just one of the things they’re doing to make our lives as advertisers—and dropshippers—better.

So that’s it.

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