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How To Change Shopify Store Name

how to change shopify store name

Think you can have a better store name but don’t know how to change it? Want to replace your current store name with another one?

When starting out a new store, having second thoughts is normal.

Maybe you wanted to change your niche, maybe you wanted to rebrand your store or maybe you simply came up with an awesome name. Whatever your reason may be…

Changing your store name IS possible.

This means you don’t have to create a new Shopify store from scratch. (Yes!)

Shopify Store Name: What You Need To Know

Changing your store name is pretty simple. In Shopify, there are 3 names you need to know about.

Your domain name or customized site name (e.g This is your website’s URL. This is what people will search to access your store.

Your subdomain name (e.g This is the name you create when setting up your store. Your visitors can’t see it if you have bought a domain name.

Your store name (e.g. storename). This is what your actual store name is.

Now that you know what these 3 are, let’s talk about what you can and can’t do about it.

1. You CAN’T Change The Shopify Subdomain Name

There’s no way to change the Shopify subdomain. This is the domain you create the first time you set up your store. It’s unique to each account created and it can never be edited once chosen.

This is the URL.

If you really want to change it, you have to open a new account and create a new store again. This is the only way you can “change” the Shopify subdomain.

But does it really matter? No.

There are multiple ways to completely re-brand your store. The 2 of them are changing your Shopify domain name (custom name) and changing your store name.

2. You CAN Change Your Customized Site Name Or Your Domain Name

With Shopify, you can set up a custom domain for your store. This will overwrite Shopify’s built-in subdomain name and will turn out as the URL your customers will see.

You can buy a domain name directly from Shopify or you can use a service like Godaddy. Namecheap or Bluehost to buy your custom domain.

It’s entirely up to you… but just make sure you have it.

This will replace your “” subdomain name and represent the name of your store.

This is extremely important.

If you want to add trust, credibility and authority to your store, you must have a site that doesn’t look like it’s made by an amateur. The first step is by changing your subdomain name to an entirely new one.

3. You CAN Change The Store Name

The custom domain is the name of your store’s site. Your store name is the actual name that appears in the browser. The one your customers will see on your page.

So change it.

With the Shopify settings, you’ll able to do just that– for free. This is extremely simple and will only take you a few seconds to do so.

The store name is changed in the settings -> general menu in your Shopify admin.

If you want to rebrand your store without opening a new account, this is literally the best way to do so. Change your domain name and change your store name and voila… a “new” store.

What Next?

Now that you got your name ready to go, what next?

If you want to know the next, crucial steps you need to take to fully set up your Shopify store, get a FREE Shopify Store Checklist here! It’s literally the only thing you need to start dropshipping.

After you find products in your niche and write killer product descriptions for those products, your next step would be to bring traffic to your store.

There are 2 ways: Paid traffic and Organic Traffic

If you want to earn $100 a day – and fast – then paid traffic’s for you.

A Little Overview Of Paid Traffic

There are 2 main ways you can bring traffic to your store. 1 is with Facebook Ads and the other is with Instagram Shoutouts.

“What should I choose?”

“Where should I start?”

“Which of the 2 is better?”

To explain further, let’s begin with their pros and cons.

Instagram Shoutouts Pros

If you don’t have much money to start and you want to test your products easily, then this one is for you. Instagram shoutouts are cheap (if you know how to find the right pages).

For this reason, a lot of people start with that to test their products.

Instagram Shoutouts are easier to understand. Unlike Facebook Ads, you don’t really have to stress the CTR, CPM, CPC and all those metrics.

You only need to concern yourself with your site’s optimization.

Instagram Shoutouts Cons

Instagram Shoutouts are slow and hard to scale. The hassle of finding the right pages to do shoutouts on is not worth it in my opinion.

This could work for some but it would really depend on the niche.

Some niches are cheap, while some are not.

If you want to know more about Instagram Shoutouts, specifically a very detailed guide on how to run one, then you definitely should look at the Instagram Shoutouts guide!

Facebook Ads Pros

Facebook Ads is key when it comes to scaling. The main reason is probably because it’s fast.

Not only that…

Ads are tweakable/replaceable, trackable and they’re relatively cheap too compared to billboards and TV commercials.

The best part?

With Facebook Ads, you can optimize how your ads are performing.

If you want to scale fast and steady, this one’s for you.

Facebook Ads Cons

A lot of people start running ads on Facebook without even understanding how the platform works. They’re leaving money on the table simply because of the lack of knowledge.

Facebook Advertising requires time to learn.

Once you understand how it works, learned the fundamentals and actually applied what you learn, you’ll be ready to scale your store fast.

Heck, even if you don’t scale (which I doubt it), making $100 a day with dropshipping will become a piece of cake for you.


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