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Trending Products To Sell Right Now

trending products to sell

If you’re not looking for a niche and you want to build a store just want to earn money quick, then this article’s for you. You will learn the trendy products you can easily sell right now and what audiences are best to target for each of these products.

While selling these types of products for short-term earnings isn’t something that is usually recommended, there’s still a lot of money to be made. If you do this right, you’ll be able to earn at least $100 a day by dropshipping them.

If this is something you wish to pursue, then keep reading. You came to the right place.

Best Traffic Sources To Use

Before we begin, we must discuss the traffic sources for your products because some products CAN’T be advertised on some platforms.

There are 3 traffic sources I recommend: Google ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Shoutouts

Google ads is definitely something you should try out for trending products. When something’s trending, people don’t wait on their Facebook or Instagram feed for an ad to show up.

They look it up in Google and make decisions based on what they see in the 1st page.

Facebook Ads is also one of the best platforms you can use if you want to scale your business quickly. However, if you read Facebook’s Advertising Policies, you’ll see that they don’t allow products they think would lead to bad user experience (i.e. intimacy, violence, etc.).

Instead, what you can do is run Instagram Shoutouts.

They’re extremely cheap (if you know how to pick them), they’re a good way to gather data and it’s arguably the best way to test products.

Side note: If you want to learn more about Facebook Ads, click here and read our free guide about its fundamentals. If you want to learn more about Instagram Shoutouts, click here and know exactly what you can do to find, negotiate and close them on sweet deals.

Top 8 Trending Products That’ll Make You A Lot Of Money

1) Fanny Packs

Everybody loves a Fanny Pack.

It’s extremely comfortable, easy to access and carry around, and it extremely helps your shoulders (say goodbye to big, boring and heavy bags).

Fanny pack is on a rising trend all over US, Canada and Ireland.

Who To Target:

  • Men and Women
  • Ages 18-45
  • Located at US, Ireland, Canada
  • Target Travelers/Tourists, Hiphop, Streetwear, Carpenters and Plumber, etc.

2) Sports Bag/Gym Bag

If you go to the gym, you know why it’s important to have a gym bag. It helps you carry stuff around and it also serves as a multi-purpose bag.

Sports bag and gym bags have seasonal ups and downs but the interest is consistently going up especially now that a lot people are getting into a healthy lifestyle. Hit the market at the right time and you’re sure to profit really well (assuming your mark-up is high).

Who To Target:

  • Men and Women
  • Ages 18-60
  • Located at US, UK , Canada
  • Target Nutrition, Protein,, Fitness, Health and Wellbeing, etc.

3) Dog Raincoats

Dog collars are so last year… but wanna know why it was trending?

It’s because dog owners LOVE their dogs and they want to protect them from harm. Dog Raincoats do exactly just that making them sell like hotcakes.

The trend is definitely rising and it would be best to take advantage of this time to sell them!

These dog raincoats are trending on UK, US, and Australia.

Who To Target:

  • Men and Women
  • Ages 22+
  • Located at US, UK, and Australia
  • Target Dog Food, Petsmart/Petco, Dog magazines, Dog Lovers (anything that says I LOVE DOGS), etc.

And that’s it. These are the most trendy products you can start selling asap.

4) Tactical Pen

In a world where the media keeps throwing negative stuff everywhere, people are getting cautious. Tactical pens are now deemed necessary.

“But where is this product trending, exactly?”

To tell you the truth, this pen is showing a rising trend all over the world. However, the main 3 countries that are showing the best results are in US, Australia, and Canada.

Who To Target:

  • Women
  • Ages 18-50
  • Located at US, Canada, and Australia
  • Target influencers related to the media (you can’t run ads on Facebook for this)

5)  Baby Rattle

Baby products are always in demand because there are literally hundreds of thousands of babies born every day.

But when it comes to their toys, baby rattles are the #1 most trending products. It has been showing steady growth in the past couple of years.

The best places to advertise this product to are US, Australia, UK, Brazil, Thailand. There’s a rising trend in these countries.

Who To Target:

  • Men and Women
  • Ages 22+
  • Located at US, UK, Brazil, Thailand, and Australia
  • Target Parents, Child 0-3 years old, Pregnancy interests, etc.

6)  Compression Socks

These socks help increase the blood flow in your legs. They’re designed for people who are experiencing swelling and pain. For some, they just want its health benefits.

These compression socks are currently in demand worldwide (similar to the tactical pen).

The best place to sell these socks is definitely in the US. We’re also seeing the Australian market having sharp rise in the trend as well. However, UK is showing a decline (but the number of people is still plenty enough to profit.)

Who To Target:

  • Men and Women
  • Ages 35+
  • Located at US and AU
  • Target Compression socks, Massages, Leg-related pains, etc.

7)  Phone Lenses

Want a cheap alternative to DSLRs? Me too… and many other people as well.

It’s not a necessary product but it’s definitely an impulse buy. People who love taking photos but don’t want to buy DSLRs love this product.

The trend is steadily rising – especially in the UK. However, the US and some other countries are still lagging behind in the trend.

If you want to sell this product, then definitely market it in the UK.

Who To Target:

  • Men and Women
  • Ages 20-50
  • Located in UK
  • Target Travelers, Modeling, Nature, Landscape, etc.

8)  Wireless Charging Stand

Aren’t we all tired of all the wires and cords? It’s a mess to carry around.

People want to have chargers that are easy to bring, fast when charging and chargers that they can use while watching their favorite movies!

The trend for wireless charging stand is rising and is projected to rise even higher worldwide. Today’s a great time to sell this product while people are loving it!

The United States and Canada are leading in the trend. However, other countries are starting to catch up. Better give them what they want!

Who To Target:

  • Men and Women
  • Ages 18-45
  • Located in the US and Canada
  • Target phone users who are also engaged shoppers (maybe even more narrowed to online shopping) since this is a really broad product

Final Words

Even though these kinds of products do make you a lot of money, trendy products are still beaten by strongly built brands for 2 main reasons:

Time, effort and long-term results.

Time and effort to build stores/ad accounts again and again (if the demographics are very different), time and effort to gather data for different products… and the most important part? Long-term sustainability and profitability.

Don’t get it wrong though.

If you’re doing this to build the foundation/skillset for your future goals, either to get more experience or earn enough capital to start a bigger business, then, by all means, do so. This is a great way to do these things.


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