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How I Increased My Conversion Rates on Shopify by 600% in Under a Week

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Clickbait headline? Yeah, absolutely.

But it’s a true story & teaches you an important lesson.

So, let me tell you how I increased my conversion rates from 1% to 7% in under a week.

You might be thinking I changed the product descriptions. You’re wrong.
You might be thinking I changed the images. You’d also be wrong.
Maybe you’re thinking I changed the product and lured you into reading this email under false-pretenses because I’m a sneaky marketer. You’d ALSO be wrong.

(That last option would actually be a good idea…I could teach you that the product you’re selling has a bigger impact than everything else you do, but that’s not today’s lesson.)

Alright, so enough build up. I bet you’re dying to read the magical changes I made to my website get this increase, so here it is…

I did nothing.

Seriously, didn’t change a thing.

Not a word, image or even bolding.

Sooo, how did my conversion rate go through the roof?

All I did was sit on my lazy bum PATIENTLY.

I’m running FB ads. Slowly scaling up a campaign for a product that I’ve tested previously on Instagram.

I knew the product sells. I already had good Lookalike Audiences in Facebook.

All I had to do was set up the campaign properly and then, wait for sales to trickle in.

And they did. Just not immediately because Facebook ads take time to optimize.

For the first 3 days, I was losing money. I had only made 1 sale after 130 visitors. Not good, but luckily I’ve seen this before so I wasn’t going to panic yet.

The next 3 days, I got 4 sales from 90 people. No changes to the campaign, ad sets, or product pages.

All it required was trust in the process and patience.

Here’s where most people go wrong: They set up a campaign, launch it and then start changing things after 1 day with no sales.

You’re shooting yourself in the foot. Give the FB pixel time to optimize its delivery and you will be rewarded greatly.

Stop trying to improve a campaign once you’ve launched for at least 5 days.

Put in all the work you can upfront. Make sure you’ve set everything up to the best of your abilities. Then hit launch, and take some time off.

Work on other projects, websites or at least, a different product for the next 3-5 days.

If you learn some new FB ad trick that you aren’t using yet, remember it for the NEXT time you start a campaign. Don’t change an existing campaign until you know how it is doing.

So remember to sit tight and let the FB pixel do its thing.

Of course, you need to actually have your campaign set up right in the first place…

And luckily for you, my upcoming course Start Dropshipping Stuff teaches you exactly how to do that.

I’m hoping to do an exclusive pre-launch for 4 members of this email list by the end of the month.

So, if you’re interested in that, definitely keep an eye out for any future emails from me because it’s going to be a big discount and given to the first 4 people who respond.

Until then, you can learn a ton from my YouTube channel & Twitter.

Until next time,
James Holt