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Successful Launch (Getting People Excited to Give you Money)

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Every businessman whether in dropshipping, personal branding, or physical store owners would love to have a blast whenever they are launching products or services.

Not only it will make their income better but it can make their stores be discovered by many people that can help them boost and scale successfully.

But how to make it effective? Let me tell you some key points on how to turn your launch into an event that most of the people will mark their calendars for.

Your audience should know it’s coming.

In order to make people anticipate your launch, you must drop hints months in advance before the big day. You can conduct a giveaway contest weeks before the launch, or just even post on social media or include it to your daily email about your upcoming event.

Few Practical Tips for a Successful Launch

1. Choose a memorable date. This can be a holiday, a simple Sunday, or a date that you think is special and people will be able to remember easily.

2. Repeat it often. You have to make your audience look forward to your next launch. You can make it monthly, or 3 to 4 times a year basis which you should do regularly so the people will automatically expect and wait for it without you having to broadcast about it.

3. Give people an incentive to buy on launch day. You can offer 50% OFF for the first 10 or 30 or 50 customers that will buy the product, give FREEBIES to people who will purchase the item or you can do BUY ONE TAKE ONE offer on the same day it will be launched.

It all depends on you but it will really be helpful so that the people will be interested in your launch.

Using the social media will also take a big part in this event. You have to put lots of valuable contents both on your social media profiles and email list.

Doing so can literally double your audience and pre-launch email list.

3 Purposes of Putting Out Contents in a Launch

1. Display authority. People buy from authorities because they trust authorities. In order to gain that trust, you should demonstrate your expertise and have people value everything you say by letting them see that you actually know what you are talking about.

Do not just post a content.

You should be able to justify them so you get to build your credibility as well.

That’s what my slogan is all about; “CREDIBILITY THROUGH CONTENT.”

Being a go-to guy is a powerful positioning. If you can be a person that will come up first into people’s minds when they think of something, whether it’s one of your teachings or products, then you will never struggle in selling.

2. Build your audience. Lots of people love to see regular content that they can relate to. It can be about fashion, life inspiration, or technical stuff. If you get to broaden your audience, you can also have a higher chance to scale in terms of income and popularity.

3. Create excitement for your topic. Pre-suasion, as what Cialdini calls it, is critical in making a hungry audience and wanting them to get excited about buying what you’re selling.

It is a revolutionary way to influence and persuade.

You must know your audience and what they like the most in order to have their hearts for buying your stuff.

You should also provide them with meaningful and productive content to build excitement that will make them love you, your brand or your store.

What is the most important ingredient if you want to sell a lot of hotdogs?

A hungry audience!

This is so true.

Sell people what they want.

It is better if you sell people what they need.

But, we aren’t into selling survival products so priming people to desire what we are offering is so crucial.

You have to think out of the box yet still take care of the credibility that you built and will still be developing so that you won’t mess up when you get to your launch day.

If you will do it right, your launch can achieve a similar effect as the Christmas season which people really looks forward to every year.