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9 Books That Will Help You Make Money & Live a Happier Life

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Making money is not as hard as what most of us think.

It only needs determination, pursuance, a little knowledge, and a bunch of guts to start.

Living a happier life is accompanied by success from making money (of course not in all circumstances).

There are lots of factors that can make us be happier in our lives like family and friends but, it is even better if you are successful financially right?

9 Books to Success & a Happier Life

1. Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

In this book, you will learn how to sell using the written words that will definitely help you in every business model that you could possibly get in.

This is what we call as copywriting.

If you will be a very effective copywriter, writing the perfect ads, creating the most appealing product descriptions, or making posts or blogs that absolutely convince your audience to buy your products or services, then you will become successful.

This book will be a great source of knowledge you need to learn how to practice and improve your copywriting skills so I highly recommend this book for everyone even if you want to do dropshipping, niche sites, personal branding, or any business model that you want to pursue.

2. The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ De Marco

This book sort of simplifies the basics and big pictures on how to make money into a formula.

It talks about building big businesses. I mean really big scalable businesses and for that, there are certain criteria that your business needs to meet that was talked about in this book.

You should read this when you are starting to help you take your dream into a bigger picture especially when you are already making money. Because of that, you might want to scale.

This will make you have a great mindset and you will be inspired to achieve way more than just a thousand per month income goal.

3. How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis is the owner of the famous Maxim magazine.

In his book, he talked about stories that are perceptive.

He gave an insight into big businesses, how a business works, and the mindsets that you need to have, and the way you need to think to be able to make it.

Aside from those, there is also practical advice on the things you have to avoid to become successful.

It is the best part of this book because not all the books available in the market will show you the things that you need to keep away from. Usually, other people will tell you everything you have to do to reach your goals and not the stuff to avoid so this one is absolutely a great book to have.

4. DOTCOM Secrets by Russell Brunson

This book covers more specific sales tactics rather than big-picture mindset and building business advice.

Though it was out years ago, the advisement is still applicable today.

These are sales principles on how to structure your offers and how to build a business that scales. I strongly believe that it can make you a ton of money if you apply these principles to your online business.

However, this book isn’t for beginners.

I recommend you get this if you’re already making money and you want to scale your business and take it to the next or higher level.

5. Triangle Investing by Wall Street Playboys

This is an ebook and is not available on Amazon and definitely not on bookstores.

It is perfect for brilliant young entrepreneurs and not for people who are working a 9-5 job or retirees.

This book talks about investing in stocks, real estates, and also cryptocurrencies and all of that.

The cryptocurrency stuff is a bit more technical though you may find it complicated when you have a little or no knowledge about it. It will not show you everything or even close to everything but it will give you topics that you can research and start with.

It is very applicable and so easy to understand yet it is all about aggressive investing which is not for people who are making just a few of thousands every month.

6. Efficiency by Wall Street Playboys

It is about general life advice.

It talks about making money.

They are vocal about wanting to be rich and they define rich as a multi-millionaire status at the age of 30or 40.

This is not for everyone but it will be very insightful for those who are ambitious in terms of the amount of money you want to make.

This book is a very good framework and you can learn a lot from it especially if you want to make tons and tons of money but I recommend you just take it or consider it coz it is definitely very helpful but not make it as a gospel or a bible like some other people seem to be doing.

7. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams

The one key idea in this book that I find very meaningful and useful is the talent stack.

It talks about trying new things and not just go in a straight line. If you will be able to learn new stuff that you can add to your talent stack, then that will allow you to thrive and you will be able to apply those in your business and eventually be successful in it.

Though this book does not only focus on talent stack alone, I believe that is the best and the most helpful part.

8. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This one is not about business but it will help you improve and develop your social skills which can turn your life into a happier one.

The book is all about how to improve your overall life, your happiness, and your social skills.

It is also useful for building your relationships with people, not just with your friends and families, but the people around you. You need to have a social life to be able to enjoy especially when you are already running a business.

This book will not show you how to make money but it can save you from having a sad and frustrated life behind the thousands of money you are making every day or every month.

Businessmen should also have a good life outside the numbers to be able to be completely happy in life and be more successful with their business.

9. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

Like the book above, this is not about sales or business but it can also make you successful and happier with your life.

This book can help you understand the higher level stuff at play when you are doing copywriting or when you’re selling online but it is not specific to those. You will be able to recognize the psychological triggers that can influence people to buy from you.

If you read this, you can come up with new ideas on how you may apply these principles to business.

You have to do something different and not just do what everyone else is doing.

You need to connect the dots between your own knowledge of persuasion of influencing people’s decisions and connect that on how do you apply this specifically to Shopify dropshipping in your specific niche with the specific products.

With all of these done, you can then be successful long-term with your unique ideas and this book will be very helpful for you to come up with amazing plans for your business.

You can say that these are just books.

You can make money and live a happier life in your own ways but having a little help and eye-openers will take you to a better place.

Nobody knows everything.

And those who have more knowledge than me, than you, probably got their wisdom from reading books and exchanging thoughts from other people.

So give it a shot! You will be thankful for all of these books once you get to harvest your fruits.