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Selling “Chinese Crap” for Fun and Profit

selling Chinese crap for profit

A common reason I hear why people don’t want to start dropshipping is because they don’t want to sell shitty Chinese products.

I think that’s a stupid reason to miss out on the fun.

And here’s why:

Many of the products you buy in the US (or wherever you live) also come from China.

Instead of dropshipping, traditional businesses import the products wholesale and sell it in the US.

Now, shipping times are a legitimate concern. There is an advantage to the consumer who can get his product instantly when he buys it in store.

But do you really think the imported products are higher quality than the ones we’re dropshipping?

Nah, get out of here.

Yes, products on Aliexpress are dirt cheap. We associate the low price with crappy quality. That’s why many people don’t order from Aliexpress even if they know about it.

In most people’s minds:
Low price = crappy product

That’s the misconception that makes dropshipping so profitable: We mark up the products, add some good marketing & instantly consumers think it’s a good product.

“Isn’t that deceptive? Won’t people be angry when they get their crappy product?”

The key is, the products we’re selling really aren’t crappy.

Now look, I’m not saying this is some high-end stuff. Definitely not luxury goods we’re selling.

But the reality is, in most cases the products on Aliexpress aren’t any worse than what you find in local stores.

The perception people in the US have is false. That’s what we’re taking advantage of.

Ironically, many guys getting into dropshipping still believe the Chinese products are crap…

But I’m telling you: It isn’t usually the case.

That’s all for today. Get over your misconceptions. Take advantage of other people’s misconceptions.

See you tomorrow,
James Holt

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