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Oberlo Alternatives    

alternatives for oberlo

When you’re just starting out with eCommerce or dropshipping, and you’ve done the tons of research, you know that Oberlo is the #1 app to find and sell products on Shopify.

You have a business that needs a more specific kind of function? Let’s go over some alternatives.

To start off, let’s begin with Oberlo and explain what is…

What Is Oberlo and How Does It Work?

Oberlo is a Shopify app that allows you to easily import products from different suppliers (e.g. Aliexpress suppliers) into your Shopify store – in just a few clicks!

With Oberlo, everything’s made ready, easy and fast for you.

Here’s What Oberlo Does…

If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably heard of Aliexpress. When starting out, you want to sell products from there for a few reasons…

  • The items are crazy cheap (wholesale price)
  • You can get those items directly from the manufacturers themselves and;
  • They ship to over 200 countries worldwide as well!

With Oberlo, you can import these products from Aliexpress with ease. All you need to do is download the Oberlo app in Shopify and download the chrome extension, Oberlo – Aliexpress.com Product Importer. It’s so easy to use and with just a few clicks, you’ll be able to import products from Aliexpress to your store.

Once you’ve found the best products to dropship, and have imported them to your store, make sure you set your site up for success (e.g. creating killer product descriptions).

How It Works…

Say you’ve finished setting up your store and someone places an order. Oberlo fulfills these orders automatically.

When you receive the money in your account (e.g. Paypal), all you have to do is purchase the item your customer bought from your supplier and ask it to be shipped directly to your customer.

To ship a product to your customer, you only have to click “Order Product” and confirm the order. Everything else? Oberlo does it for you.

What’s The Difference Between Aliexpress Products And Oberlo Products?

Sometimes, people are anxious where they get their suppliers from. They want something they can trust. They want protection, guarantee and 0 disputes.

What Oberlo does, for these types of users, is give them access to a HUGE variety of products from three different suppliers:

  • Oberlo Verified suppliers
  • Oberlo “normal” suppliers

If you want to know more about their differences, go here 👉 Suppliers In Oberlo 

Alternatives For Oberlo

Oberlo is a great app, that’s for sure… but there are things Oberlo can’t do that others can. Here are a few alternatives for Oberlo. 👇

Aliexpress Dropshipping (AliDropship)

Aliexpress Dropshipping is basically just a replica of Oberlo. It literally works the same way but with 1 more advantage…

With Aliexpress Dropshipping, you can also import products from Amazon and eBay.

The only con there is with AliDropship is Amazon and eBay products are, most of the time, higher in price. You have to dig deep to find wholesale products with a lot of stock.


Spocket is a bit more different compared to AliDropship and Oberlo.

Its key component is finding products from the bigger countries (usually the best places to dropship to) like USA, Canada and Europe. This means you can get your shipping times for as fast as 1 day.

Want to build a brand that customers can easily recommend to others? Don’t want to keep receiving emails asking where a customer’s product is already? Then this one’s probably for you.

Spocket reduces the “time” it requires for something to be delivered. This could lead to customer satisfaction and probably more high lifetime-value customers in the long run.

The only cons I see in this app is the number of products you can sell. You are limited to the number of suppliers there are.

If you have a product in mind that you KNOW will sell (after a few tests) and you found that product in Spocket, then this is for you.


Their main feature? Quality Control.

Dropwow is super strict when it comes to their suppliers. This the main pain point they’re trying to answer.

When you start selling, and you got your products from their platform, you’ll have a lower return-rate, lower refund rate and lower chance of having negative feedback from customers.

“Who cares about feedback?”

Well, when you run Facebook Ads, and get little to no negative feedback, what happens is Facebook will like you more, give you a lower CPM and quality audience.


Their main feature is their 1-click ordering and 3 ordering modes.

Dropified will make things quicker for you in the backend. If you use Dropified, you probably wouldn’t have to hire a VA for order fulfillment stuff – which saves you around $400 a month (excluding dropified’s monthly payment).

As far as I know, Oberlo offers 23/7 support while Dropified only offers 9 hours and 5 days per week support.

That’s probably the only con there is with Dropified.

You might think 2 days is not much… but when problems rise (which is inevitable) and you need help with something, but no one’s there to help you? It could lead to a big mess and a huge opportunity cost.

Final Thoughts

All these apps are highly similar to each other. They usually only have 1-2 major key points set them apart from one another. Their function is basically the same, they’re just targeting different pain points some of us have.

There are a handful of alternatives but if you don’t need anything special or unique, why not just go with Oberlo?

If you don’t have a strong reason why you’re not using Oberlo then I suggest you stick to it.

Oberlo is the market leader for a reason. They’re the biggest, oldest and the  dropshipping solution there is. and I’ve never had problem with them.

Their customer support is top notch making them a lesser hassle to deal with compared to others. You can literally get all the help you need. You can just ask their team questions anytime and they’ll happily answer it.

I highly recommend it to everyone, especially to those who are just starting out… and that’s it.


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