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Bad Reasons to Shut Down Your Store

bad reasons to shutdown store

So, we’ve covered the good reasons to shut down a store and move on to a new project. However, of course, there are also bad reasons and there are a few bad reasons that people shut down their stores but I just wanna cover quickly so that hopefully, you don’t make these mistakes. So, first […]

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When to Quit and Start a New Store?

When to Quit and Start a New Store?

So, if you’ve launched a new store and you’ve tried 5-10 different products, you’ve tried many different traffic sources, you’ve tried different influencers on Instagram and you can’t get any products to really sell or at least break-even, then I would say, you’re at a stage where you can consider shutting down a store and […]

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Product Stopped Selling?

product stopped selling

So you’re making money, everything is great, and then suddenly, your product stopped selling. This is a common question, again, that is why it’s in the frequently asked questions video. Again, I’m assuming that you actually have this problem and you’re not one of the people who, they sell 3 products in two days and […]

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Jumping on Popular Trend-Products

jumping on popular trend-products

What about instead of building a niche store, you could just build a general store and you jump on these popular trend product? Well, it undeniably works and I suspect this is how big Youtubers get their spectacular revenue. They just jump from trend to trend. It’s not what I do. I prefer consistent income […]

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Oversaturated Product?

oversaturated product

Like I said, oversaturated products, that is a problem. Oversaturated products won’t work, people become desensitized to seeing ads of the same products no matter how cool or popular it may be. You can find a unique angle on existing products but when you’re doing Aliexpress dropshipping, I don’t think it’s the most effective use […]

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Free Plus Shipping Oversaturated?

free plus shipping oversaturated

Well, yeah! It is saturated. It is very saturated. Lots of people do Free + Shipping. But why did they do it? They do it because it works. I would say do it as long as you can. When it stops working, that’s when people will stop using it and it will probably become effective […]

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Oversaturated Niche?

oversaturated niche

People ask me if XYZ niche oversaturated. Well, you have to get past the idea that you’re ever gonna find this perfect niche where it is easy to make money. Big niches are oversaturated right now. But that doesn’t even matter. Well, I don’t think it does actually. I think oversaturated products are the problem, […]

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Using Additional Sales Pages? (Funnels)

sales funnel

What about creating more complex sales funnels? So instead of sending traffic straight to a product page, you send them to an article which then leads to a product page or even longer and longer, more complex funnels with emails etc. So, this sort of thing can work and possibly in the future, it’ll become […]

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Sending Traffic to Homepage?

sending traffic to homepage

Should you send traffic to the homepage? Well, the answer is absolutely not. In most cases, you’ll always gonna want to send traffic straight to the product page just because that’s where people can add your product to the cart or buy it. You want to make the funnel as short as possible when you’re […]

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Getting Add to Carts, but no sales?

add to cart no sales

Well, first of all, you have to remember that quite a significant drop off here is normal especially if you’re doing Free + Shipping. Some people didn’t know that they have to pay for shipping and then they get to the checkout page and suddenly it’s $10, that scares them off. Fine, don’t worry about […]

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