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How to Handle Customer Support

So the number 1 rule, I picked this up from a form once and I’m stuck with it.

Apologize a lot.

Apologize for everything even if it is not your fault.

If the product gets stuck at the customer, apologize for it.

Whatever happens, just apologize.

It won’t solve a problem but it will, it’s a good first step to calm people down and turn their anger into disappointment at the very least.

You want to respond to emails quickly so I say, respond within a day.

That’s the rule I set for my employees as well if they’re doing customer support, they should respond once a day.

That ensures two things.

First of all, ensure that customers emails are answered promptly but it also ensures that they don’t spend too much time on emails going back and forth.

So you don’t want to spend all time, all day doing customer support especially if you’re doing it yourself. So use templates.

It really cuts down on the time needed and to don’t keep checking it.

If a customer immediately replies, they have to wait ’til the next day when you’re doing email again.

You have to have very clear rules about everything really.

So especially shipping times when you’re doing dropshipping, clearly state your terms.

Also, have a clear refund policy if you’re selling clothing.

Site whether you can accept returns if the customer ordered the wrong size, I personally don’t.

What if a customer decides after a day or two that they don’t want the product?

Here, you have to check the laws in your country or in the consumer’s country.

I’m not an expert by any means. In fact, I quickly brawl with my refunds.

So I’m quite happy to give a refund if someone says a day after the purchasing saying,
‘Sorry. This is a bad idea. I shouldn’t have bought. Can I have a refund?’

I will grant it and if it’s a small item, then I’ll even grant a refund even if I already paid for it and then hope that I can work out with the supplier.

Like I said, when in doubt, refund.

I’m very liberal with my refund policy and when strange situations come up, I’m quick to refund.

I think it’s just a better way to do business rather than trying to argue with legal details.

So too, we can’t avoid bad reviews.

Even if you end up being right in a legal dispute, you’ll gonna get bad reviews.

You’ll gonna get angry customers and it’s a major headache.