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3 Free Plus Shipping Tactics You Must Learn To Stand Out From Your Competitors

free plus shipping tactics

When you’re sending out traffic to a product, you always want to have a special offer.

You can have a free plus shipping offer, a huge discount or whatever.

Why? Because people love offers.

Let me give you an example:

Imagine you’re selling 2 products at the same price.

The difference is, the other one “looks” discounted while the other does not.

Now, imagine if you’re the customer.

Would you buy a $19.95 watch . . . or would you rather buy a $40 watch discounted to $19.95?

The answer is obvious.

Wanna know why this happens?

…Perceived value

How To Use Perceived Value (And Urgency) To Increase Sales

Nobody talks about this.

Why? Because this is a secret “Gurus” never talk about.

Here’s why:

Once you know this secret and start using it, they won’t be able to sell their products to you ever again (unless it really provides great value).

Lucky for you . . .

In this section, I’ll tell you exactly why the perceived value is crucial to your success.

Remember the watch a while ago?

When you sell that product for $19.95 and never mention the sale, it will be far less effective than having one.

There may even be a chance that no one’s ever going to buy it.

The truth is . . .

People will think that they’re saving a lot with “discounted” products, even though they’re actually not.

So they are compelled to buy it.

This is simply how perceived value works.

Especially if we add urgency . . .

We can say that the offer is only available for 24 hours . . . or there are only 3 products left.

If they don’t buy now, they will think that they have missed a huge opportunity.

We go through these offers everyday but no one ever notices them.


Because they’re simple.

And sometimes people overlook simplicity.

So they lose money instead.

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Why You Make a Lot of Money With Free Plus Shipping

Free + shipping is my #1 money maker.

People think they are overused and they no longer work, and perhaps they’re right.

They are overused.

I even see them everyday when I look at my own social media feeds.

But the things is . . . they do work.

And as long as this offer is working, I don’t see any reason to stop doing it.

There are people who say that they don’t work.

Those people usually just can’t sell and nothing works for them because they suck in selling and they never bother to learn.

In my experience, free + shipping is the most effective type of offer right now, at least for low ticket items (keep reading and you’ll know why).

So if you’re gonna sell a product for $10 or less, you might as well do a Free + shipping offer.

I think that’s the easiest way to make your first few sales with dropshipping.

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How To Make Free Plus Shipping Work—And Actually Profit From It

Of course, there’s a right and wrong way to do Free + Shipping.

In this section, you will learn the important actions you must do to actually make money from free plus shipping.

💎 Keep Saying “Free” But Tell The Truth

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to be upfront to your customers about how it works.

Advertise the fact that it’s free but they have to cover shipping.

“Why say free if they still have to pay for something?”

Do you want to know the real magic of Free Plus Shipping offers?

It’s this:

Everyone loves FREE stuff.

One of the main reasons why using free plus shipping offers is great is that you get to use the magic word “FREE”.

“But what’s so important about FREE?”

This word attracts instant attention and gets people hooked.

I always use the word “FREE” in my ads, in my headline, and even inside the product description . . .

Just because “FREE” grabs people’s attention!

But after that?

Be honest about the fact that they have to cover shipping.

💎 How To Price

I usually set my shipping price to either $6.95 or $9.95.

I know there are others that use $14 up to $14.95,

But that’s just because their products are a bit more expensive on Aliexpress.

Personally, I prefer to only use Free + Shipping on products that are $10 or less.

Here’s why:

Imagine yourself as a buyer.

You see a free plus shipping ad.

You click on it, and now you’re on their product page.

You see that shipping fee is $14.95 . . .

Would you still believe that the item is FREE—even if you still have to pay $14.95 just to have it?

💎 How To Use Perceived Value Specifically For Free Plus Shipping

When it comes to pricing free plus shipping offers, the 2nd most crucial thing you have to remember is this:

Always set the “compared at” price higher than the shipping cost.

This is actually a common mistake beginners do when they start meddling with Free + Shipping.

They’ll set the product price to $0.00 and the compared at price to say $4.95

But then they set the shipping price to $6.95!

By doing this, they’ve just got rid of that value you got between the perceived value and what they’re selling it for — just because the shipping price is higher than the “compared at” price.

So remember . . .

Always have compared at prices even higher than the shipping you’re charging.

“You mentioned the 2nd most crucial thing to remember . . . so what’s the 1st?”

Setting up the offer in your store…

The way you set up shipping prices is via product weights.

Unfortunately,  this is not very easy to do in Shopify and will take a whole new 1000-word article to explain.

But if you want a step-by-step process—specific instructions and template—to set-up the offer in Shopify, then check out this course right HERE.

It has everything in there—from templates to checklists to niches to finding products to tactics to strategies—everything you’ll ever need to succeed with Shopify dropshipping—it’s there.

Now that we’ve covered everything about Free Plus Shipping, here’s something to wrap this up . . .

Before Everything Else, Learn This

There’s this 1 skill that every dropshipper needs.

It’s a skill that makes or breaks any kind of business—even dropshipping.

So if you suck at it, you won’t succeed.

What the skill is?


A lot of dropshipping newbies fail because they don’t have this skill.

You don’t want to be one of them, do you?

Learn this one skill and no matter what business you’re in, you will make money.

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