How to Discover the Profitable Dropshipping Niches Gurus Don't Want You to Know About - Start Selling Stuff

How to Discover the Profitable Dropshipping Niches Gurus Don’t Want You to Know About

discover profitable dropshipping niches

Choosing the right niche is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make if you want your business to succeed.

Lucky for you . . .

In this article, I will tell you exactly how you can find the most profitable dropshipping niche—that the most successful Gurus are using—even if they don’t want you to know about it!

But first, let’s talk about what a niche really is.

The True Definition of a Niche

When I talk about niches, I mean interests, passions, hobbies, subcultures, ideologies, groups, etc. . . I don’t mean products.

To simplify, let me give you some dropshipping niche examples:

👉 Christians
👉 Dog Lovers
👉 Trump supporters

Notice something interesting?

Here’s one:

None of them are products!

In other words, products are not niches.

Niches are groups of people who have a strong emotional connection to these specific interests.

I know there are successful online stores that sell iPhone cases, sunglasses or whatever . . .

But those are not niche stores . . .


Because the products all belong to the same category—but the buyers do not!

To explain further, ask yourself this question:

“Who buys iPhones?”

The answer is obvious—EVERYONE.

You have no knowledge about that person other than that he has an iPhone . . .

Same with sunglasses, there’s nothing specific about that person.

Meaning your customers aren’t different from Anna walking down the street.

Why? because everyone wears sunglasses, these simply aren’t niches!

If there’s one thing successful dropshippers do—those earning over $100,000 in revenue—it’s this: They create stores that target only 1 type of buyer!

If you want to be earning over $100,000, then follow what they do.

“Model success and you will be successful”

Let me show you some examples of niche products to sell online so you’ll really understand what “niche” means . . .

Here they are:

👉 Cat Toys – you target cat owners (or people with babies—trust me—they’re actually quite similar)
👉 Bikinis – this is a popular dropshipping niche because even though you only target females ages 20-40, it’s still a pretty wide audience!
👉 iPhone cases with a Christianity theme – well, you get the idea.

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Now that we’ve discussed all that, it’s time for you to:

Discover What Niche You Should Use and Which You Should Absolutely Avoid

Evaluating a niche . . .

This is the part where people try to over-complicate and make far more important than it really is.

It’s actually very simple . . .

You don’t have to look for the “perfect” niche.

What you want is to find the niche that people are passionate about . . .

Once you find what that is, you need to make sure that there are decent products—because once you have your store set up, you’re gonna want to test a bunch of products until you find one that really sells well in your market.

Want to know how successful Gurus find top selling niches?

Successful Gurus use 4 very important guide questions to find the best e-commerce niches.

Here they are:

👉 Are there existing stores in the niche?
👉 Are there any large FB pages in the niche?

If you answered yes in both, it means there’s money in the niche and that there’s a big interest in the niche.

Next question:

👉 What are your targeting options for this niche inside FB ads?

You must know your target audience before selling your products. You can’t sell dog food to cat owners, right?

A Very Crucial Question:

👉 Are there plenty of insta influencers with 50k-500k followers? (Influencers to buy shoutouts from)

You want a lot of insta influencers—10, 20, even 30—who are in the 50k-500k follower range.

You need to make sure there are plenty of them because of 2 reasons.

  1. Not all pages are good
  2. You won’t know if they’ll work well for you until you try them

You want to make sure you have plenty of options before you jump into a niche.

Let’s stop here . . . Facebook and Instagram are BIG topics to discuss.

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No Ideas? Here’s how you’ll get one . . .

How to brainstorm and research niche ideas—in a matter of 10 minutes!

Here’s where I’d start . . .

Go on Facebook and look at all the ads you see.

When you see ads of Shopify stores, make a habit of going to their landing page and adding products to the cart because when you do that, Facebook’s algorithm will classify you as someone who “adds to cart” and will then start showing you more of these types of ads.

By doing this, you’ll start to see good examples of Facebook ads, good examples of stores and you’ll find out products that are selling.

So start clicking Facebook ads whenever you can!

A Bonus Just For You

There is a simple technique that every Facebook ad marketer does—but never shares—to spy on competitors:

You go to the Facebook pages of each of your competitors and you can see on the left side of their page: “Info and Ads”.

Click it and voila!

You are now seeing all their running ads in every country they’re targeting . . . simple isn’t it?

To end this, let me tell you one last thing: DON’T PROCRASTINATE

Your choice of niche won’t make or break you in most cases . . . as long as you’re picking real niches and not “product niches”.

But what separates successful people from those who don’t is their work-ethic.

More importantly, there are a lot of things you can do to have a successful dropshipping store . . .

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