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The Main Reasons Why You Should Have A Personal Brand

reasons to have a personal brand

Want to build a personal brand but you’re unsure if it’s the right thing for you? Want to know why you should build one? In this article, that’s exactly what you’re gonna learn. But before we tackle the reasons why one should have a personal brand, let’s first discuss how to build a personal brand. […]

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How To Optimize Facebook Ads Campaigns For Ecommerce

optimizing facebook ad campaigns for ecommerce

When optimizing your ads, there are a lot of things you need to understand and look out for. If you want to profitably run your campaigns, you must understand what FB is trying to say. One way of doing this is by knowing what metrics to look at… and in this article, you’ll know exactly […]

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Building A Personal Brand On Twitter

building a personal brand on twitter

In this long article, you will learn how one person can earn thousands of dollars by building a personal brand on Twitter. You will learn how to do Personal Branding right from the founder of Start Selling Stuff himself, James Holt… and the best part? You can immediately apply the lessons you’ll learn here in […]

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How To Change Shopify Store Name

how to change shopify store name

Think you can have a better store name but don’t know how to change it? Want to replace your current store name with another one? When starting out a new store, having second thoughts is normal. Maybe you wanted to change your niche, maybe you wanted to rebrand your store or maybe you simply came […]

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Trending Products To Sell Right Now

trending products to sell

If you’re not looking for a niche and you want to build a store just want to earn money quick, then this article’s for you. You will learn the trendy products you can easily sell right now and what audiences are best to target for each of these products. While selling these types of products […]

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Rejected From Upwork? 7 Alternatives You Can Use And Do

upwork alternatives

Upwork is denying new freelance copywriters access to their platform recently. As a result? New freelancers have been having a hard time finding clients. If you’re a new freelancer who wants to find clients but don’t know where to go… You came to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn the X alternatives you […]

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2018 is Almost Over, It’s Time to Make a Decision

At the end of every month, I like to reflect on how things went. More importantly, I consider whether I’m moving in the right direction. So far, I’ve had a great year in every sense. I’ve recovered from knee surgery this January and just played my first competitive football game again last weekend. I’ve got […]

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How To Make $300 A Day Online

how to make $300 a day online

A few weeks back, I’ve written a blog post about how to earn $100 a day. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do before you continue reading this blog post – they’re highly connected. As mentioned, we talked about 3 simple ways to start making money online: Freelancing, Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing […]

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A Guide to Retargeting on Facebook Ads

retargeting on Facebook ads

98% of first-time visitors don’t buy. As a business, you want to win these people back. You want to convert them to finally buy from you. How? Retargeting. With retargeting, you can remind these people the desire they had to purchase from you – and more. “More?” Yes. You don’t shouldn’t only retarget the people […]

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Oberlo Alternatives    

alternatives for oberlo

When you’re just starting out with eCommerce or dropshipping, and you’ve done the tons of research, you know that Oberlo is the #1 app to find and sell products on Shopify. You have a business that needs a more specific kind of function? Let’s go over some alternatives. To start off, let’s begin with Oberlo […]

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